It has never been this simple to get your articles and consumables. Enter with your personal QR code, order on-site, pay with your phone, and pick up your items. You’ll have your products shopped within 1 minute!

Watch the video and visit our Lexstores yourself at Petroleumhavenweg 28 in Amsterdam. Do you see your business reaching new heights with this amazing technology?

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Lexstores, every company should have one

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Imagine this:
– 24/7 access to a self-service store or pickup point for sales and distribution, without the need for physical staff;
– Suitable for both B2C and B2B applications;
– With a robotic dispensing system for over 1500 items;
– Ideal for remote locations like construction sites, offshore platforms, project sites, or high-traffic areas such as unmanned gas stations or festivals.

Is that a game-changer for your business?


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Lexstores, every company should have one!

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How great would it be if you could have your consumables available on-site at your customers’ locations 24/7, without the need for extra staff!

Choose Lexstores, your own unmanned sales and dispensing locations. You can place Lexstores directly at your customers’ sites, where they can purchase and pick up products on demand through a simple digital ordering process.

Personalize the store in your own branding for the ultimate store presentation, and enjoy the convenience of digital administration and inventory management.

Do you also want to offer your customers more product sales, more convenience, and more flexibility?

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Lexstores, every company should have one!

Did you know that traditional vending machines often face issues like items falling out of place or even being taken without payment? πŸ€” With Lexstores Small, that’s a thing of the past!

– No more hassle with spiral machines where products get awkwardly stuck or could fall out of position.
– Locker systems are limited to one product per space, whereas the Lexstores Small can place multiple items in one row. πŸ”’
– Carousel machines are inefficient in layout and total capacity, while our solution is smart and space-saving.

With a distribution point at a height of 90 cm, you’ll never have to bend down again, making it easy for everyone to receive their products. And the automatic distribution hatch ensures a hygienic experience and prevents unpaid dispensing.

Curious? Discover how the Lexstores Small offers the ultimate combination of comfort and convenience for your customers and/or employees! πŸ’ΌπŸ›’

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Lexstores, every company should have one!

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As an entrepreneur or project manager in construction, you’re always looking for solutions to improve your operational processes and increase efficiency.

How convenient and time-saving would it be if all the tools, equipment, and consumables were available 24/7 at your construction sites, fully flexible in use? And all of this completely administratively hassle-free? Lexstores offers a solution!

Introducing our Lexstores Large, your own self-service sales, rental, and distribution point. Enjoy indoor or outdoor access at your construction sites:

– 24/7 unmanned availability of all your equipment at the construction site;
– QR technology in the ordering and pickup process of goods;
– Digital administration and inventory management;
– Enhanced security of your property;
– Reliable remote support;
– Increased productivity.

Curious about the improvements we can make for your construction project? Discover it together with our specialists and bring your projects to new heights.

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Lexstores, every company should have one!

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Lexstores makes it possible to grow and thrive your store while saving costs that are typically associated with running a traditional store.

The unmanned stores can be fully customized to fit your assortment. They are even suitable for fragile products, and with the standard cooling system provided, you can also offer cooled products such as soft drinks or meals.

Do you want:
– Self-service stores for sales and distribution?
– A fast and efficient pickup method for your customers?
– A hygienic, comfortable, and user-friendly product dispensing?
– An all-in-one digital ordering system?
– A modular distribution system with room for up to 800 products?

Transform your business today with Lexstores into the ultimate unmanned pickup point and offer your customers the freedom to shop at any time of the day. πŸ’»πŸ•°οΈ

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Lexstores, every company should have one!

Discover the future of rental, sales and distribution in the manufacturing industry with Lexstores! πŸš€

Efficiency and cost savings are key to success in many businesses. Our Lexstores can be a game-changer for your company. But what about the required investments?

If so, our Lexstores location in Amsterdam is the right place for you!
Pick up your consumables and PPE today!

Lexstores, your self-service store for 24/7 sales, rental, and distribution, can be independently linked to your ERP-system.