Lexstores: The future is now

On the first day of the Construction Fair 2023, the launch of Lexstores took place. In this post, we will tell you more about Lexstores!

Check out the process of unmanned purchasing or renting in the link below: https://lexstores.eu/en/gallery/

Lexstores is the solution for automated sales, rentals & distribution. You will enjoy many benefits:

– 24/7 availability and control
– Cost-saving
– Unmanned, so no staff needed
– Remote assistance and monitoring
– Highest security protocols
– Customized to your specific needs
– For both B2B and B2C

Want to know more or see a live demo? ollow us on LinkedIn, visit our stand at the Construction Fair, or check out https://lexstores.eu/

+31 (0)10 248 58 16

Lexrent, expect more!

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